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Hytec Concnrete Plant revegetation

April 27th, 2012 by

Gone Native was approached by Kempsey Shire Council to assist with the revegetation of Hytec’s Kempsey concrete plant. A site assessment was undertaken, and suitable species were recommended for planting.

Gone Native supplied over 400 plants for this particular project and along with Kempsey Shire Council undertook the planting of a total of 620 plants.

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Rotary Park – Jerseyville

April 24th, 2012 by

In 2004, a portion of riverbank at Jerseyville was revegetated with native riverbank species by South West Rocks Rotary club, thanks to funding through an EnviroFund grant.

In 2011, Macleay Landcare Network received further funding through their Revegetating the Macleay project, and engaged Gone Native to provide over 2000 plants for the revegetation of several sites in the Jerseyville area.

One of these sites was an extension of the now established planting that took place in 2004.

Gone Native worked along with the local GreenCorps team, members of the SWR Rotary Club, and Landcare volunteers to prepare the extension site (weed eradication and mulching) and plant nearly 500 new plants.


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East Kempsey Island

April 24th, 2012 by

Macleay Landcare Network engaged Gone Native to supply 2360 plants for the East Kempsey Island project.

This included an order of over 200 longstem trees.

The Island is prone to flood and this method of planting has been highly successful in bank stabilisation and keeping down plant mortality rates.

For more information on long stem planting please refer to the article in our News and Resorces page.


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April 23rd, 2012 by

Gone Native Nursery is a family run, Indigenous owned nursery located in the Maria River area on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

We specialise in species endemic to this area, including rainforest, wetland, riparian, coastal, wildlife corridor and bush tucker plants.

All our tube stock is grown from seed sourced by Gone Native from the local area, and is grown in high sun, low moisture conditions to ensure that our product is strong enough to survive the natural Australian environment.

We have a large variety of species in stock at all times, however, we are happy to supply additional species to order. Our plants come in three sizes, 90cc hiko for grasses, 50mm forestry tubes and 75mm maxi tubes (to order).

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