Australian Native Tubestock & Seed
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Seed Collection & Supply

Gone Native can provide small or larger amounts of native provenance seed for the home propagator or for direct seeding as part of an environmental restoration project.

If you are working with a large area such as a riverbank or disturbed landscape, it can be easier and more cost effective to use the direct seeding method. Not only can we provide you with native seed sourced from your local area, but we can also assist with seed preparation (ie. cleaning, scarification etc ) and dispersal. Gone Native has used the direct seeding method with National Parks and Wildlife Service’s Bitou control programs and for quarry site regeneration for local businesses.

When collecting seed, Gone Native follows the Florabank best practice guidelines, and ensures that the land owners permission has been received before commencement of collection.

We have worked hard over the last two years to build up a substantial seed bank of storable native seed from the Macleay and Hastings area. This means that no matter what time of year your project begins, we can provide you with most of your propagating needs. Additionally, perishable seed species can be orderd seasonally.